Imagine dragons| Hijabi travels – Chapter 5

Being able to not only see imagine dragons live but see them with my dear friends is a memory that I’ll cherish forever.

Drowning in confetti for the third time in one night? Guess I can die happy 💕 I’m really curious how much of the events budget went to confetti or if it was a 3 for 2 deal..

Dan is so passionate and to quote a friend -‘I realised when I saw him standing there, he’s quite attractive’.

Waiting 4 hours in -3 degree temperature to get in was worth it being able to be so close and see it all so clearly (most of the time). Another thing about waiting in a queue for a concert is that it’s easy to make friends, we’ve got at least 1 common interest and we are all freezing our tits off.

Just before imagine dragons came on stage, my view was obscured by a bunch of photographers. Like it’s bad enough being average height at any gig or concert without adding 30 photographers into the mix. Thankfully after ‘I don’t know why’ they dispersed and I could enjoy without having to crane my neck. My happiest moment was when they finally dispersed.

I respected the fact he brought K. flay back out, even though her sound wasn’t my cup of tea, the stadium at this point was packed and it must be exhilarating to feel that kind of energy.

Honestly, when they moved from the main stage to one further back, I was astounded at how backed the arena was. There must have been 10,000 people present, easily. The giant balls from earlier were still bobbing along in the horizon but for the most part had been destroyed.

They played a nice mix of songs from EVOLVE, smoke and mirrors & night visions. I’d say that bleeding out was probably the performance that got me the most.

I loved the audience interaction Dan had, it was after he opened up about having been diagnosed with depression and his struggle to not allow the stigma get to him. There were these girls in the audience who had the sign that said ‘I have a therapist’ and he took it and held it out for all to see, clearly stating that mental illness is not something to be ashamed of. That there is no problem with needing counselling and reaching out for help.

A little rant about the people in front of me – I did not want to be pressed against you but when you’re right at the front at any gig, expect to be sacrificing your personal space. If you care so much about personal space, then buy sitting tickets! Also, I am not sorry I kicked the guitar pick out of your reach, you twat. Hope you and your miserable girlfriemd are still crawling around and searching for the pick in the sea of confetti. Can’t believe you knocked it out of my hand after you already got acknowledged by Dan (he got tossed a drum stick). So greedy!


I loved his little in between chats about his struggle with mental health and talking about their journey as a group to success, you can hear the sincerity in the performances and see how much of an impact his words had. Quite a few people were teary eyed if not crying.

Closing with radioactive and destroying the drum, the whole night as a whole was riveting from start to finish.

For the rest of the photos please check out my good friend Zarreena’s blog for the rest of the pictures!

I’m dreaming of a white birthday


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