Girl in the yellow coat| OOTD

Hey guys!

Yes this resurgence is not another false start. I have a lot of drafted blog posts and I will be posting them every Wednesday. I think I’m over my writer’s block (mostly) and should be posting weekly for the foreseeable future!

A few weeks back there was a student organised photo shoot and I decided to join in because why not? One of my New Years resolutions was to take my blog more seriously and be more consistent with content.

The shoot took place in Russell Square which is an area that I’m very familiar with.

Only thing I do not like about the coat is the magnetic clasps instead of having buttons.

I wore my yellow coat from new look with a mostly all black ensemble because it gave a nice contrast.

I love this coat and I feel like I’ve not worn it enough, mostly because it’s a secret weapon of sorts. Picked this up in September after trying it on and falling in love. The fit, the bright colour and were all great. Little did I know that yellow would be such a popular colour this winter. Being on trend unintentionally, who would have thought?

With the photo shoot I chose to stand in front of a black door and black railing as it would make the coat stand out more.

I had work later so my outfit was strategically chosen: a) I’ve never made a blog post highlighting it and b) I can get changed into my work uniform easily.

My mum actually bought the black shirt dress for me and I wore it for Eid 1 of 2017. I had been looking for loose abayas that I liked, and for some reason, they seemed to not exist. My mum has some dope style. It’s my best ‘halal’ outfit and it is very different from most of the pieces in my wardrobe. I am not ashamed to say that I have worn it so often and I still get complimented on it.

I think that my favourite pictures usually are of me staring into the distance as I slowly stroll towards the camera. There’s something about the motion that helps add a dynamic touch to the photo and makes it seem more natural. They’re so fun to do!

My make up was pretty minimal, a little bit of black eye shadow smudged and Transylvania nyx liquid lipstick. I thought that with such a bright coat, a more toned down make up look would be well matched.


Yellow coat: New look

Black shirt dress: idk my mum bought it for me

Black boots: Clark’s

Grey jeans: Pull and Bear

Black t-shirt (that you can’t see): Primark


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Until next time,

Stay stylish!



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