A week in outfits | OOTD

Hey guys, I have been planning on making a blog post like this for a while but here it finally is: A week in Outfits by a uni student. Hope you enjoy!

Monday: smart student

Grey polo neck: new look

Maroon coat: new look

Grey boots: new look

Scarf: market

Black jeans: new look

Belt: primark

Blue and white striped shirt: new look

New look sponsor me! Jk. Honestly, most of what I own is new look from my shoes to my coats to my jeans. It isn’t intentional, I just really vibe with their stuff and their prices during the sale seasons are very wallet friendly.

I like this outfit, it’s comfy, semi-smart (just button the shirt all the way up to make it more smart).

Make up wise I kept it more toned down with some black eye shadow smudged on my eyelids and a brown lippie. And a lot of highlighter.

I love these grey Chelsea boots. I remember my first immed

I remember my first thought was ‘get them in black!’ But now that I look back, I’m so glad I got them in grey instead. A little variation never hurt anyone.

I ended up going to Oxford Circus on Monday to pick up my order from Boxing Day (I know, leaving it really late but that’s my m.o.). Monday’s tend to be quieter days for me personally, I don’t have work and it’s mostly just catching up on my notes. This smart casual outfit was suited as it was comfy but still stylish.

Tuesday: PTA mum

Grey cardigan: bardo

Black polo neck: new look

Black jeggings: new look

Black boots: Clark’s

This is very different to what I normally wear seeing that it’s more feminine and mature. I would say I normally dress pretty casual or slightly alternative. But when I saw this Pinterest outfit, I got inspired and I was like ‘I have a long grey cardigan and a belt, why don’t I try to recreate this?’

I had to obviously wear some earrings (make use of the piercings I paid for last year that I never seem to actually use).

I am serving you ‘mother heading to her PTA meeting’ realness. I think this was my favourite look of the week as it was probably the most different to my normal attire. It was cosy as well as stylish at the same time. I’d say I’m not overtly feminine in my clothing style preferring a more casual look for the most part. So, for me to wear a more mature feminine look, it was definitely outside my comfort zone.

A lot of people thought that the cardigan came with the belt which I found funny because it didn’t. I was inspired by a Pinterest post I’d seen a while back and so when I decided to go ahead with doing this week of outfits it was a natural choice for me.

My coworkers even made comments about how ‘nice’ I looked which isn’t the norm so I’d say this outfit was a success and my personal favourite.

Wednesday: shadesofgrey

Grey jumper: H&M

Shirt: primark

Grey jeans: pull and bear

grey Coat: new look

Shoes: Nike trainers

I love this outfit and have worn it twice before in less than a month. I am not ashamed, grey is a beautiful colour. My fur collar is giving you cruella da vil realness (except mine is fake).

I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to get a proper picture of my outfit but I think you can see my coat in all its glory featuring my flat’s shitty lift.

Wednesday was a day of tight timings for me, between running my society stall, having work and organizing things for my society’s social the day after.  Continuing with my picture a day idea flew right out of my brain.

I’ve also used this week to encourage myself to wear more earrings. I have a fair amount of piercings but I don’t tend to wear earrings (largely because they don’t mesh well with chunky head phones). I decided that seeing as I had bought some new ones, I should wear them and make sure those darn piercing holes don’t close up.

There’s something about grey that works so well when layering on varying shades of it. My scarf is the lightest grey, and my jeans are the darkest. It makes a very clean and cohesive outfit that is both smart and casual.

Thursday: grunge

Red flannel: new look

Black jeans: boohoo

Camo jacket: missguided

Hoodie: Adidas

Black boots: H&M

What can I say? I love my camo jacket, I’ve gotten so much wear out of it since March and I don’t plan on slowing down any time soon! A buttoned red flannel, tucked into jeans with black boots is a very simple but nice looking outfit. The maroon laces go well with the red of the flannel, tying the whole outfit together.

It’s a good outfit as it is casual enough and considering what a busy life I run, it’s great being able to run from one thing to another.

If any outfit is a Roda outfit, it’s the one pictured above. I’ve worn so many variations of this, honestly everyone else is probably sick of it but I love it. I asked my little sister which outfits were her favourite and her least favourite and she said this one was her least favourite! Her words were ‘dude you’ve worn that outfit or something similar a thousand times now, change it up’. Guess I’m getting predictable…

Friday: denim on denim

Yellow sweatshirt: bershka

Black jeans: Zara

Denim jacket: new look

Shoes: old skool vans (can’t see it in my flatlay photo)

This sweatshirt is my new go to Friday jumper! I have no idea what it is but I’ve just been loving the colour yellow recently. Yellow coat, yellow scarf and now a yellow sweatshirt. It’s my winter colour. With yellow I tend to pair it with denim and black because they complement it well and don’t clash, allowing the yellow to be the vocal piece.

I forgot to take any pictures of my complete outfit on but I took a nice flatlay earlier when I was planning my week of outfits. I like it because it’s simple and comfy. A slogan sweatshirt, denim coat and jeans? It’s always going to be a win. I need to buy more slogan t shirts and sweatshirts because I love having them be the focus of my outfit, and definitely more bright colours! Winter for me is the season of colour, largely because everything around you is so dreary so you might as well take the plunge and create your own bright spot.

And that’s a week in outfits at uni from yours truly! Ahh it feels so good to write again, I’ve honestly been itching to write recently and with my phone upgrade, I can now take top quality photos more easily.

What day was your favourite? If you have any blog posts you’d like to see, comment them below.


Until next time,

Stay stylish!




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