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Hello! I went on an unplanned hiatus of sorts, sorry about that. The realities of moving out from home and being back at university hit me harder than I expected. But I’m back with an OOTD and some cool posts ideas!

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Deadlines? Exams? Idk her 

I decided that this year at uni, I was going to try to vamp up my style (just a little). This summer’s increased interest in fashion isn’t just a fad for me.

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I’m trying to channel the mood

All black and a denim jacket is a safe outfit choice but what’s different for me is wearing high waisted jeans with knee rips. I’ve never worn high waisted trousers before this summer/now because I felt like it emphasized how short my legs are. They aren’t exceptionally short but I high waisted trousers to me emphasised them. that was before I tried mom jeans. Now I love them.

I personally am not comfortable with more than ankles and half of my forearm showing as far as skin, so I wore a pair of black tights underneath the ripped jeans. In fact it blended in so well that my friends asked me where I bought my fake ripped jeans. It’s less that people think of it than they think it would look to obvious but honestly, if its black its safe. Most people will assume there are made in patches rather than you layering. Also, seeing as it is Autumn for me, it is a nice added layer for the colder weather.

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I roped in my friend into taking a day off  from revising so we could go to Victoria park and take some fun autumnal pictures in my new shoes. Yes I am basic with my old skool vans and I have no regrets. I feel like more grungey when its Autumn, surrounded by nature dying and what not (wow I’m so edgy).

Processed with VSCO with 10 preset

I love my distressed denim jacket, I wear it so often it’s a second skin at this point. I know when people recommend a denim jacket they tell you to avoid any that are very trendy as they lack longevity. So I pick one that is very much a trendy jacket, you know me, I’ve never been good at listen to the fashion rules. Fashion for me is a personal expression of how you feel and should be about what you like more than what others like.

Sounds weird but over the past month (almost two months) since my last post, I have drafted so many blog posts but scrapped them all feeling like my voice sounded inauthentic.

Having moved out and being without a laptop, I lost the motivation to post or go out and take images for my posts which led to the huge gap in between posts. That desire is back now though!

Processed with VSCO with 10 preset
Might be blurry but my highlight is popping

2017 is what I have decided to label as the start of my fashion journey- and this blog will be me documenting it.


Outfit details

T-shirt: Band t-shirt from Mallory Knox concert 

Black knee ripped jeans: Boohoo

Denim jacket: New look 

Black long sleeved shirt- Primark

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Until next time,

stay stylish!




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  1. Your campus is so gorgeous! I am from Florida so I never get to experience leaves like that 😦 Every day is a good day for all black. I like your somewhat androgynous style 🙂


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