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(belated) Eid Mubarak all! Friday was Eid which meant everyone went to their local mosques for prayer and then dress to the nines to go out. Or is that just my family? I forgot to go shopping for new Eid clothes but I had a dark green shirt dress from March that I hadn’t worn out yet.

I paired it with my corset belt as it was a little baggy and shapeless for my taste and I had that faked cinched look that I love so much. Dark and moody, perfect for autumn.


My sister and I ended up going to the local cinema and we saw Girls trip (which I’d not even seen the trailer for) and it was surprisingly entertaining? As far as comedy road trip reunions go it was quite funny. The 4 main characters were very stereotypical; you have the funny/raunchy friend, you have the uptight mother of the group, the bland main of the group and the friend group & the one she was having conflict with. Plot wise it wasn’t anything new, but the timing of jokes and gags still were great. A solid 3.5/5 stars. It is a 15 and had a lot of sexual innuendos and scenes of a sexual nature.


I chose a more simple wrap around hijab style because honestly I was feeling lazy and didn’t care enough to do a more elaborate style. I might post about some of my favourite hijab/turban styles. I’ve done quite a different number of them this summer.


Autumn to me is burgundy, dark green and browns and that is what I went for with this look. I went with all black everything else because it adds to the mood. Shirt dresses are great except that I find they fit my body type quite awkwardly which is why I tend to either tuck them into my trousers or now use the corset belt. I love green as a colour so much and I’m definitely on the hunt for more tops/jumpers of a similar shade.


My trusty back pack never steers me wrong and I can squish a lot in there. Much like the TARDIS it is bigger on the inside. The shirt dress was the right amount of billowy without being billowy enough to show off my lower stomach in a light breeze. It has 3/4 length sleeves which is my main point of criticism because I find it to be quite an awkward length. Yes I have a tendency to roll up long sleeved shirts to about 3/4 but I like having the choice to do so.

My corset belt is very comfortable as it came in a variety of sizes based on dress size ie 8. 10 etc meaning there’s a better chance it fits you without any discomfort.

21298624_1459711917443572_708542598_o (1)

Moody look into the distance just fits the fading summer warmth vibes. Friday was thankfully sunny and we (my sister who I had roped into being my photographer for this quick 5 minute shoot) found a cool alley/tunnel right next to the train station. My krushem drink was an unplanned accessory featured in every shot and clearly the true focus of all the pictures.

What made me laugh the most during the film was not the actual film but the other movie goers. There were these girls who were sat near us and about 15 minutes into the film I hear one of them go ‘man I’m hungry, I’m going to go buy food’ which cool, you do you. But then after she gets up to leave the other 4 sat near her clamber up to follow her because they also want food. Before you know it the whole squad rolled out and left 1 behind on her own. She lasted 2 minutes before she cracked and ran after her friends. And then they trickle back in over the next 20 minutes. I know it doesn’t sound so funny but it had me in a fit of giggles for ages.

So there’s a fight scene in the movie and suddenly I’m blinded as they pull out their phones, turn on the flash and start recording. I’m telling you inside the theater was brighter than if I was stood outside in the sun. So obnoxious movie attendees check. We even had a couple sat behind us who when lights turned back on were still making out.


Initially I was planning on wearing an olive green scarf but thankfully I switched to the black, the olive green was just too light and it made the whole outfit off. Make up wise I went for a bronzey eye look and a dark burgundy lip.

Outfit details

Shirt dress: H&M 

Jeans: New look

Shoes: Clarks 

Corset belt: New look


Sorry for the late post! My next post will be an update in my ‘ways to style it’ series.

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Until next time, stay stylish!



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