Casual day in the car park | OOTD

Sorry for the 3 week hiatus from this blog! I got really busy but some random life updates: I’ve gotten a job and I’ll be moving in September. I have some posts planned now so I should be able to avoid falling off the blogging sphere (or at least until uni swamps me). I’ve missed posting and interacting with people.

Now here is a recent OOTD of mine, more casual than usual but muted in colours as usual.


Yet again I am wearing my Nike air max trainers. You will have to pry them from my dead cold hands. They are without a doubt my most comfortable shoes that I own and not only that but the colour scheme goes well with pretty much anything. My black bag is another staple but that’s because I’m not really a bag person (prepares for the mobs). Shoes on the other hand, I own a lot of pairs and should get more wear out of the others.

I didn’t realise before I started my blog but I own a lot of greys blacks and whites in my wardrobe (that are more summer appropriate clothing). Most of the colour in my wardrobe comes from hoodies and jumpers that are more appropriate for Autumn/Winter.


This thin grey cardigan is wonderful for summer because its thin enough that I don’t feel like I’m overheating but it is long enough so I can wear my t-shirt and jeans combo but feel more modest.

Here I was getting caught on camera contemplating the jump between the levels. I ended up chickening out as the drop was more than I had anticipated. This impromptu photo shoot happened in a brightly coloured car park and all these dope photos were taken by my good friend Dhru.  I hadn’t realised that level 7 of my shopping centre was an empty car parking lot with a lot of gratings and fences ruining the views. Oh well, at least it’s colourful. Empty car parks are normally creepy but the sun was out and the weather was good giving me a false sense of confidence. (That disappeared when we went towards the dodgy staircase with flickering bulbs. I’ve seen the thrillers and I am not getting killed like that).


This kind of outfit is one that I wear regularly- it’s easy to wear and style. Just change the t-shirt and/or the jeans and you are done. It requires little thought. Plus it is 10/10 as far as comfort goes, there’s no need to be on trend all the time. I am currently eyeing up a very fat pigeon (aka flying rat) that has landed nearby.


What I love about long cardigans like this one is that they are billowy and spacious. If that makes any sense. I am a hijabi superhero in it.

What I wore

T-shirt: You me at six band t-shirt from 2017 tour

Cardigan: H&M  

Jeans: Pull & bear 

Trainers: Nike Air max 

Bag: Matalan 

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Until next time, stay stylish.



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