Feeling blue with my trench coat | OOTD

July is over, I’ve only got another month and half of summer holidays left. Is it odd that I miss uni?

My most recent OOTD where I was quite overdressed for the sunny day with my blue trench coat but hey I live in London and the weather is dodgy. You need to be prepared to be drenched one minute and baking the next. It’s why I’ve always got an umbrella and a pair of sunglasses in my bag!

The cool thing about central London, is that there are always some dope doors to pose in front of (as long as the tenants don’t see) and the architecture is pretty solid.


I love my coat so much whether buttoned and tied or slung over my shoulder, it’s a classy outfit piece and makes you appear more elegant. I paired my navy coat with a navy shirt and scarf. Having a single colour (or shade in this case) dominate can help make an outfit appear more cohesive and stylish.

London was teaming with tourists this Sunday. Add in a charity cycle race and personal space is a thing of the past.


becoming one with nature

For such a metropolitan city, London has a lot of green infused within it from our parks and our tree lined avenues. I mean we obviously don’t have enough trees to deal with our pollution problem and the air is quite shit but at least our aesthetics are on point.



Fake tourist


What I love about trench coats is that they are always in season and are such a staple wardrobe piece. Unlike a peacoat, the silhouette and cut is timeless meaning it is a smarter investment. I bought this piece during boxing day sales and haven’t gotten that much wear out of it.

The beauty of the trench coat is that it is a perfect coat for the in between weather (or at least my one is). It works best for Spring, Autumn and late summer days.


I don’t tend to pre-plan outfits but the rainy weather made me think about which coats would be versatile enough if it was a warm day too. I decided to pair the all navy top half with grey skinny jeans and black chunky boot heels. Initially I planned on wearing black kitten heels but whenever I go out with friends we do a lot of walking and these boots were made for walking, so that’s just what I’ll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you..

When you sneak in a cheeky picture before running away from the hotel concierge

My navy blouse has white detailing which makes it a more dynamic piece adds a new dimension to the outfit, especially as the white collar peaks through the jacket, making the outfit more layered. I opted for no jewellery because I felt it would make the outfit appear gaudy.

Some things I love most about my jacket is that it is quite waterproof, thin(ish) and has a removable belt.

Trench coat: Zara

Black bag: Matalan

Blouse: Primark

Jeans: Pull and Bear

Shoes: Clarks 


I hope you all are having a lovely summer (or winter depending on the side of the hemisphere you are on).

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Until next time, stay stylish.



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      1. Yes, my one is about up to my mid thigh because I’m kind of short too (5’4). Good luck! Long coats for us shorter people is difficult x


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