Canvassing | Hijabi travels – Chapter 3

The beauty of Facebook events is that it it shows you what your friends are interested in attending. This is how I discovered that Owen Jones had an event happening in Hillingdon. My first thought was sign me up! Especially when it’s only a bus ride away. I mean I adore Owen Jones, his articles and his novel – CHAVS: the demonization of the working class.

As it goes, I have poor time management which meant my sister and I (who I dragged along) were late and turned up just in time for some rousing speeches from several Labour MPs and the man of the hour, Owen Jones. It was a wonderful environment and it was great seeing people from as far north as Newcastle, who traveled down to London in order to join the #UnseatBoris campaign.

Being late meant that we had missed the morning canvassing session but thankfully there was an afternoon which we took part in. However, I wasn’t too late to get a cheeky selfie with Owen Jones.


The group we ended up joining was filled with a mix of experienced campaigners and newbies like us. Everyone I encountered was passionate about the Labour party and was motivated to do their best to win over support from Boris. While there may not be another slated general election round the corner, we do have a shaky coalition government, meaning it could collapse at any moment. I mean we’ve had 2 general elections in two years. A strong and stable government? What bullshit.

Initially we shadowed a more experienced canvasser but once we felt ready, we struck out on our own.

Overall the day didn’t go too badly. I only had 1 door slammed in my face and there was only 1 local who threatened to call the police on us. Everyone else we spoke to, whether a Labour supporter, a die-hard Tory or another part supporter were polite and friendly. We had some debates and interesting discussions which I love. We can have differing opinions but a willingness to listen to others is important.

Beautiful henna design by my friend and fellow blogger Dhru
This was like my 13th attempt at a thoughtful selfie pose.

Hope you had/have a wonderful day (depending on where in the world you are)!





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