Black and white pyjama trousers| OOTD

Summer to me means bright colours and patterns. I wanted to be summery without being bright so I went for a white and black look incorporating patterns. High waisted trousers and a blouse tucked in, paired with trainers.

This is a quick OOTD from Wednesday when my friend and I were at St James’ Park.

Sees door, tries to open the door, fails and tries to play it off like it was all for a photo opportunity.


I went for a pyjama style loose pants with a cool black print. I generally favour jeans but I’ve challenged myself to leave my comfort zone more this summer. This style of pants really elongate your legs and give off the illusion that you are taller than you are. Another positive is that they are more modest. Pyjama pants are loose and airy so they are perfect pair of trousers for hot, muggy summer days.

The blouse is more of a cream than white but it’s a great fit, loose without drowning. It is a little sheer so I tend to wear a white t-shirt underneath. I love my new pair of trainers so much. The print is gorgeous and they are very comfortable. Will be investing in more pairs in the future.

Trousers (Primark)

Blouse (H&M)

Shoes (Nike air max sequent 2)

My friend went the other route in regards to dressing summery. She wore a bright yellow jumper which looked great against the grey buildings.

Yellow girl in a grey London 


Hope you have a great weekend.




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