Rainy London days | Hijabi travels – Chapter 2


Summer is the time to catch up with old friends and last Tuesday I did just that.

My old friend Dhru’s (who’s started a blog too Dhru’s blog) and I hung out in Ealing Broadway Shopping centre. I always forget how little there is to do there, I mean we have no cinema. The weather was confused, rainy then sunny and then a torrential downpour. Very up and down. After some confusion to do with which Cafe Nero we were meeting at, we sat down and got some cold drinks.

I like mine shaken not stirred. Being it my friend’s first time, I had to show her around all the hot places; Tesco, Primark, Card Factory and H&M. I mean Ealing Broadway is kind of shitty, it doesn’t even have a cinema.

My initial plans for that day was just to go to the local park and sit in the shade by the fountains, enjoying the sun from a far. Plans have a way of going awry when reliant on weather.

It would not be an us outing if we didn’t find our way into a book store and just sit on the floor reading blurbs and discussing deep issues like Mary Sues and the aesthetics of book covers.


Is it bad that I get tempted to collect books in pretty editions, even if I already own the book? Problems of consumerism.

Being hot beverage connoisseurs we obviously went to Costa and got some lattes. We were hiding from the shit weather until we were thrown out so cruelly (it was actually really polite and like it was 30 minutes later than their closing time).


Never have I been so glad I had the foresight to bring an umbrella.


I spent Saturday in Notting Hill because my little sister had an appointment and there was a nice light drizzle that I didn’t mind coming and going. What I love about the Notting Hill area is the feeling of different vibes merging. Most of the photos I took where of all the flowers and plants, so vibrant and colourful.


You have the stark white buildings that scream money, the pastel homes and Portobello market. I mean a large appeal of areas like Notting Hill, Camden and Shoreditch is the way different architecture, people and businesses coexist in a small area. A side effect of gentrification.



My make up look that day was very basic; foundation, highlighter, mascara and a dark lip.


I’ve always loved rainy days, even as a kid, I mean wet play time meant chilling in the cosy indoors playing board games (which I’m great at) for 30 minutes. Dreary rainy days are my kind of days as long as I’m not without an umbrella or coat.






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