OOTD | Corset belt

A huge trend in the past two years is anything accentuating the waist and making it appear ”snatched”. It’s been a common trend in history and was achieved with a corset in the past. Corsets thankfully fell out of mainstream fashion but there has been a resurgence of ‘waist training’ headed by the Kardashian clan and other instagram baddies. Fashion takes inspiration from the contemporary setting.

The corset belt is the perfect accessory to give the illusion of defined waist to hip ratio when coupled with an over-sized shirt. I can look more curvy with no organ displacement? Sign me up!


It’s a statement piece and gives new life to any over-sized shirts, blouses or t-shirts you have, giving it a feminine silhouette.


I bought a black distressed corset belt (New Look) because I am a sucker for the frayed look that is on trend currently. Black because it is such a versatile colour, meaning it can be paired with anything. The other options were white and denim.


For maximum contrast I coupled it with a white over-sized men’s shirt (New Look). Grey jeans (Pull & Bear) and a well worn pair of superstars (Adidas superstars) finished the outfit.

19897878_1409614462453318_439177537_o20050186_1409639815784116_47514596_o20048788_1409641029117328_660064192_o (1)

However, being a hijabi, my scarf is both a symbol of faith and a component of my outfit so I wore a beaded purple scarf for a splash of colour and to bring in the summer vibe. Chic but fun. I feel like keeping it simple helped draw attention to the belt.



The belt was very easy to tie up, had one string that you criss crossed.

It was offered in a variety of sizes.


My main problem with the belt is that it had a habit of rolling up a bit in the back which was frustrating.


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