Native Londoner exploring | Hijabi travels- Chapter 1

Having lived in London the best part of the last nine years, up until the past few years there was a shocking amount of the city I hadn’t ever seen before. I’d remained in my borough for so long but not anymore.

Last Sunday, my two friends and I walked from Piccadilly circus to Hyde park, exploring the various alleyways and appreciating the Central London energy. Nothing is better than walking around with no exact goal or time constraint and taking in the varied beauty of this city.


Piccadilly circus, as bustling as ever but I am the tiny figure under the arch

19875903_1407628605985237_1158698402_o (1)19885758_1407628642651900_296140781_o

Regent street was busy af and had a variety of music acts performing for the summer street festival creating a relaxing environment.


Moving rubbish out of the frame so I can try to capture an aesthetically pleasing photo. My priorities.

When you find the best letter in the English language. 


A rose by any other name is just as sweet but why would you call something that smells nice, shit? Like who would want a rose if it was named after poop. Not me. 

We ended up at Hyde park outside the Barclays festival listening into the Lumineers for free, what you couldn’t see, your imagination filled in for you.

Follow me on instagram for more pictures at roadtobeingroda.

Watch this space, will be uploading a new OOTD this week so you’ll be seeing the corset belt again ft my awkward poses.



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  1. I visited London a few years ago and absolutely loved it. I loved the hustle and bustle of the city, the lights (it was Christmas time) and I love that it was easy to find halal food.

    You are so lucky to live there! 🙂

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