Camo jacket OOTD | 3 ways I style it

It’s summer! And for me that means wearing lighter jackets so I can wear t-shirts and be modest(ish). So being obsessed with my camo jacket (from Missguided), I’ve come up with three ways I like to dress it. My camo jacket has bright coloured patches that jazz it up and it is the perfect piece to help make an outfit more interesting without trying to hard.


STYLE 1: Summer fun 

White graphic T-shirt, light blue jeans (Zara) and black shoes. Light, airy and fun. Perfect for summer days out and a personal favourite combo of mine.

STYLE 2: Winter comfort 

Hoodie underneath camo jacket (mine is from my university but any hoodie will do, I think the maroon is great colour contrast), dark grey skinny jeans (Pull & Bear) and brown boots (New Look).

Hoodie colours that I like with camo are maroon, black, grey and white. Honestly though, whatever floats your boat.

This is a look I’m excited to be sporting during the colder periods of the year. Cosy and stylish.

STYLE 3: Grunge inspired

Plain black boxy t-shirt (Primark), black skinny jeans (New Look) and black heeled boots (Clarks).

If you want to up the grunge factor, slip a flannel under or you can tie the flannel around your waist if it is too warm for layering.

Hope my looks gave you some ideas of different ways you can style a camo jacket. I hope to do more of this sort of thing in future, so if you have any suggestions on items you’d like to see, leave it down below!




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