The Unwelcome Visitor

Lady Daydream

It was the guest that I wasn’t expecting, but somehow She had received an invitation.

I don’t know how She got one though, I’m pretty sure that the last person I invited into Mind Chapel was Happy.  Happy had been needing a place to stay, because, as popular as Happy was amongst the other Feelings he was a bit of a social butterfly, and never seemed to have a permanent friendship group. Very unreliable, that Happy. Always wondering off and then returning like he’d never left. He does like hanging out with Joy and Eager an awful lot, but you know what they say about extroverted people being friends; it can get a bit intense so they need their space sometimes. Whilst my home was already pretty crowded, I always welcome Happy into Mind Chapel, as he never ceases to lighten my mood.

I guess it was only a matter…

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Imagine dragons| Hijabi travels – Chapter 5

Being able to not only see imagine dragons live but see them with my dear friends is a memory that I'll cherish forever. Drowning in confetti for the third time in one night? Guess I can die happy 💕 I'm really curious how much of the events budget went to confetti or if it was... Continue Reading →

Girl in the yellow coat| OOTD

Hey guys! Yes this resurgence is not another false start. I have a lot of drafted blog posts and I will be posting them every Wednesday. I think I'm over my writer's block (mostly) and should be posting weekly for the foreseeable future! A few weeks back there was a student organised photo shoot and... Continue Reading →

A week in outfits | OOTD

Hey guys, I have been planning on making a blog post like this for a while but here it finally is: A week in Outfits by a uni student. Hope you enjoy! Monday: smart student Grey polo neck: new look Maroon coat: new look Grey boots: new look Scarf: market Black jeans: new look Belt:... Continue Reading →

All in black | OOTD

Hello! I went on an unplanned hiatus of sorts, sorry about that. The realities of moving out from home and being back at university hit me harder than I expected. But I'm back with an OOTD and some cool posts ideas! I decided that this year at uni, I was going to try to vamp... Continue Reading →

Eid 2017 | OOTD

(belated) Eid Mubarak all! Friday was Eid which meant everyone went to their local mosques for prayer and then dress to the nines to go out. Or is that just my family? I forgot to go shopping for new Eid clothes but I had a dark green shirt dress from March that I hadn't worn... Continue Reading →

Liebster blog award

I'm surprised that I was nominated, I've only been blogging for just under two months but I'm very happy too. Thank you notsoperfectstudent and wandabelinofficial for tagging me in this award. Not so perfect student is a student blogger who blogs insightful blog posts about a variety of topics from motivational quotes to recipes, it's a wonderful... Continue Reading →

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