Feeling blue with my trench coat | OOTD

July is over, I've only got another month and half of summer holidays left. Is it odd that I miss uni?  My most recent OOTD where I was quite overdressed for the sunny day with my blue trench coat but hey I live in London and the weather is dodgy. You need to be prepared to be drenched one minute and baking the next. It's why I've always got an umbrella and a pair of sunglasses in my bag! The cool thing about central London, is that there are always some dope doors to pose in front of (as long as the tenants don't see) and the architecture is pretty solid.  

Black and white pyjama trousers| OOTD

Summer to me means bright colours and patterns. I wanted to be summery without being bright so I went for a white and black look incorporating patterns. High waisted trousers and a blouse tucked in, paired with trainers. This is a quick OOTD from Wednesday when my friend and I were at St James' Park.... Continue Reading →

OOTD | Corset belt

A huge trend in the past two years is anything accentuating the waist and making it appear ''snatched''. It's been a common trend in history and was achieved with a corset in the past. Corsets thankfully fell out of mainstream fashion but there has been a resurgence of 'waist training' headed by the Kardashian clan and other instagram baddies. Fashion takes inspiration from the contemporary setting. The corset belt is the perfect accessory to give the illusion of defined waist to hip ratio when coupled with an over-sized shirt. I can look more curvy with no organ displacement? Sign me up!

Camo jacket OOTD | 3 ways I style it

It's summer! And for me that means wearing lighter jackets so I can wear t-shirts and be modest(ish). So being obsessed with my camo jacket (from Missguided), I've come up with three ways I like to dress it. My camo jacket has bright coloured patches that jazz it up and it is the perfect piece to... Continue Reading →

My First blog post

Hello! I'm a young London based hijabi and this blog will be about my interests; fashion, books, photography and just anything else that crops up on my road to becoming Roda. Hope you join the ride, Roda xox

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