Moshi and Arusha – Chapter 2 in Tanzania | Hijabi travel diary

Hello there! I am still not into the swing of posting regularly but I have a lot of content made. September 1st 2019 After we had finished climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, you would think we would take a day off to recover, especially as I had injured my knee. But time waits for no man and... Continue Reading →

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro – Chapter 1 Tanzania| Hijabi travels

This summer, I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for charity and it was probably the most challenging thing I have ever undertaken. When researching and preparing to take on Mount Kili, people described it as a long hike and being easy. Well I am here to tell you there is a decent amount of climbing and altitude... Continue Reading →

Portugal 2019 | Travel diaries

I know I have not posted in over a year, I could make many excuses but the simplest explanation is that I lost my passion for blogging, in fact most of my hobbies fell away as my degree became more intensive. But now that I am done with my undergraduate studies, I am excited to... Continue Reading →

Girl in the yellow coat| OOTD

Hey guys! Yes this resurgence is not another false start. I have a lot of drafted blog posts and I will be posting them every Wednesday. I think I'm over my writer's block (mostly) and should be posting weekly for the foreseeable future! A few weeks back there was a student organised photo shoot and... Continue Reading →

A week in outfits | OOTD

Hey guys, I have been planning on making a blog post like this for a while but here it finally is: A week in Outfits by a uni student. Hope you enjoy! Monday: smart student Grey polo neck: new look Maroon coat: new look Grey boots: new look Scarf: market Black jeans: new look Belt:... Continue Reading →

All in black | OOTD

Hello! I went on an unplanned hiatus of sorts, sorry about that. The realities of moving out from home and being back at university hit me harder than I expected. But I'm back with an OOTD and some cool posts ideas! I decided that this year at uni, I was going to try to vamp... Continue Reading →

Eid 2017 | OOTD

(belated) Eid Mubarak all! Friday was Eid which meant everyone went to their local mosques for prayer and then dress to the nines to go out. Or is that just my family? I forgot to go shopping for new Eid clothes but I had a dark green shirt dress from March that I hadn't worn... Continue Reading →

Liebster blog award

I'm surprised that I was nominated, I've only been blogging for just under two months but I'm very happy too. Thank you notsoperfectstudent and wandabelinofficial for tagging me in this award. Not so perfect student is a student blogger who blogs insightful blog posts about a variety of topics from motivational quotes to recipes, it's a wonderful... Continue Reading →

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